Hey, friend! I’m Chelsey—the woman, wife, mom, and child of God behind Chelsey Grace. Oh My Cupcakes!, an unlimited budget on Amazon, gifts, and words of affirmation are my love languages.

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This past weekend was my daughter’s first birthday. Here’s the moment I lifted her to my chest for the first time. Pretty freaking cool, huh? But let’s back up a bit to my last few months of pregnancy. (Zoom in to read the text, the captions are important for the rest of this novel blog […]

Exposed wounds.

Motherhood, Personal

I’m a few months into my new business name of Chelsey Grace, and it’s been on my heart for a while to share why I made the shift from Chelsey Photography to Chelsey Grace. When I miscarried my second baby in 2015, I knew I wanted to name her. I couldn’t bear the thought of […]

Grace. // Sioux Falls Photographer


Last week I shared my must haves for new mommas, you can read that list here! Initially, I was going to call this must have list for babies. But, if I’ve learned one thing after having three kids, it’s that all they really need is a clean diaper and full belly. So as long as […]

10 Fave Baby Items of a 3rd Time Momma // Sioux Falls Photographer

Babies, Bellies, Birth, Motherhood, Newborns, Personal

We’re almost 3 months in with our baby girl, Annie. She’s the best, you guys. Such a chill baby, and puts up with the chaos so well. I’ve been having lots of convos with other moms or moms-to-be and apparently they think that now that I have 3 kids I have my crap together (which […]

12 Must haves for new Mommas! // Sioux Falls Photographer

Babies, Bellies, Birth, Motherhood, Newborns, Personal

Last week I debuted my Newborn Experience video and it’s been so humbling to hear the loving and positive response! Even MEN ARE CRYING over this video! SUCCESS! Ha! So much went into this, and it’s so dear to my heart. If you like behind the scenes goodness, insider knowledge, and sappy sentimental value, read […]

Details, details. // Sioux Falls Photographer


Welcome to the Chelsey Photography Blog! Knowing I was turning 30 this year, I wrote down some goals I wanted to accomplish in my third decade of life, and this blog and what I’m about to announce are two of my HUGE goals that have been on my heart for so long. I honestly never […]

A blog post 8 years in the making… // Sioux Falls Photographer

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